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One time, at a prayer meeting that I was assisting with; a brother in his discouragement shared with me that he had been attempting to pass out literature at a bus station. His experience wasn’t the best; he was saying that people don’t want to hear the gospel anymore. In his frustration, he was expressing how much people are caught up with their phones, laptops, and tablets! “How busy they are, looking at their screens!” he exclaimed. Then a friend, listening to his experience and concerns, said the following words:  “What if we put the publications and Bible studies online, and reach them through their phones, through their tablets, through their laptops, and through their screens? Why don’t we share the gospel with people, through the mediums that they are already looking at?” At that moment I didn’t know how much of an impact those words would have in my life and in the ministry.

That statement has been developing more and more until one day I thought: “What if we had an Online Church? That would be a powerful means, through which, we could reach the whole world!”

I have been praying to God and asking for wisdom on how we can accomplish something like this. I got online to see if anyone else has done it before, and to check for ideas about how to get started. To me, this concept was new and sounded very innovative.

Beginning to Research


As I began to research, I found an Online Church Platform! My research didn’t go too far until I found what I was looking for. God showed me in just a few minutes what would have taken me weeks or months to try and develop, learn, or research on my own! God was able to show me that there are not only people doing it, but there are actually programs already put together, developed, established, and in working order! These programs are doing not only what we want to do, but even more than what we had ever thought of or imagined we could accomplish!

As I was looking through the features of this program and scrolling through it, I was getting more and more excited! As I got to the bottom of the page and looked at the price, guess how much it cost? No money whatsoever! Yes! No cost whatsoever to set up. We can use it to share the gospel today! This was an opportunity that it would be wrong for us to not take. God just provided a very special means to share the gospel to the world that knows Him not.

People who would never have stepped into a church building, would, out of curiosity, or in the secret of their own home, venture to visit a website that will spark their spiritual interests and appeal to their heart. Through this web page, countless souls will come in contact with a knowledge of the truth for this time, who otherwise would never have been reached. In order to reach people who no one is reaching, we need to do things that no one is doing. An online church can be a means of reaching the isolated ones; those lonely souls surfing the internet looking for things that would fill the deep void of their hearts or the people who have no church privileges, or any who desire something greater than they have.

Let’s Do It!


Everything was already there, waiting for us to use it. Once again, that deep love and interest for the salvation of these desperate souls for whom Christ died, brought me to action. Immediately I shared the good news with the team. Excitement and joy were overflowing as we realized that we had found what we had been looking for, and so much more!  A bigger picture was painted before us, showing how thousands of people, damaged by the sin of this wretched world, have been restored to life and wholeness; how the hopeless found hope again, and how radiant joy shown on the faces of those who had found true happiness through Jesus, the source of life. This painting that once was dark, stroke by stroke became light.

Without lingering, we began working that very day, towards having an online church. What else could we do than fulfill the purpose for which God has called us? Which is: To restore what was lost in humanity; the love, the everlasting love of our Father, that has been forgotten and counterfeited. What else could we do, then bring light to this earth that is soon to end? Trials were not few, the path was not smooth, but we knew that God was with us; therefore, we kept on walking, because Christ was saying “This is the way, walk ye in it” Isaiah 30:21.  Even though we didn’t know how this would go, with unwavering faith we decided to follow where Christ was leading us, and leave behind the not so effective methods in reaching the whole earth.

Do you want to know more about the features of the Online Church? Click Here!


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