Choose Your Favorite Way to Donate.


Donating through Paypal gives you the options to pay with credit, debit or Paypal balance. You can choose to automatically give a monthly donation to Walks with God Ministries; you can also control the recurring payments in your profile settings if they would like to cancel or change the amount.

Amazon Wishlist

We rely on contributions from people like you to continue being able to proclaim the everlasting gospel to souls all around the world. If the Lord impresses you to help support the labors of Walks with God Ministries you send your offerings, and donations here by purchasing any item on our wishlist. Anything you contribute will be greatly appreciated.

Mail In Your Donation

If you prefer sending your donation through the mail, please fill out our editable donation form and print it afterward. Please mail it to:

Walks with God Ministries c/o Deborah Leffingwell
General Delivery,
51 Mill Creek Dr. 16 1/5
Prospect, OR 97536

Smart Giving

Smart Giving is the easiest and best way to give at Walks with God Ministries.

With the click of a button you can:

  • Set up one-time or recurring donations
  • Review your giving history
  • Receive an automatic email receipt
  • As secure as banks with PCI compliance
  • Options for credit, debit card or automated bank withdrawal
    and much more!

Donate Your Time

If you would like to support, yet financially you are incapable; time is something you can give. Or maybe you have already given financially, but you would like to help more. Here at Walks With God Ministries we need willing hands that desire to use their talents for the work of God. There is a variety of things that we could use your help with. Time is money, and by donating it, not only will God’s work be blessed, but you will also!

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Have Any Questions?

God provides for Walks with God Ministries through your tithes and offerings. We honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and full accountability so that the financial integrity of Walks with God Ministries remains beyond reproach. Contact us if you have any questions about our financial activity or practices.

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