Free DVDs

Walks With God Ministries would like to send out some free sermon DVDs. Would anyone living in the USA be interested in us sending you a DVD for free? If so, please send us your name and mailing address on our contact page. Here are the DVD options you can choose from.

1. Why should I Study Prophecy? Part 1-3
2. The Seven Trumpets Disk 1 Part 1-3
3. The Seven Trumpets Disk 2 Part 4-6
4. Advance Your Studies Part 1-4
5. Adventism 101 Part 1-3
6. The Man of Sin Part 1-4
7. How to Memorize Scripture Part 1-3
8. Latter Rain Lifestyle Part 1-3
9. When Michael Stands Up Part 1-3
10. How to Share Your Faith Part 1-3
11. Bible Health Part 1-3
12. The Forgotten Foundations Part 1-3
13. Encouraging Testimonies Part 1-4
14. Why Did 9-11 Happen? Part 1-3
15. The Bible Sabbath Part 1-4
16. Which Bible Should I Use?
17. The 3 Angel’s Messages – In Their Order Part 1-2
18. The 3 Angel’s Messages – In Their Order Part 3-4
19. True Education Part 1-2
20. Natural Remedies in The Bible
21. 3 Angel’s of True Education Part 1-3
22. Preparing for Harvest Part 1-3
23. What is the Midnight Cry?

Just let us know which video(s) you would like us to send you and Lord willing we will ship them off to you shortly.

Share this with your friends, family/church members and loved ones about this special gift.

We would love to ship these DVDs outside of the USA but due to shipping costs and limited funds we are unable. If you can pay for the shipping costs we would gladly ship also to anywhere else in the world. Or you can subscribe to Walks with God Ministries YouTube channel where we have new videos every Friday! Click here.

These DVDs are 100% free for you. But not for us. If you are willing to help support this ministry work with your donations, any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Please visit: However we do not want anyone to miss out on this blessing because of lack of money. We will liberally send these out to all who ask. You also have our permission to copy and distribute these DVDs.

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